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Special Hose Assemblies

Special Hose Assemblies

Special Hose Assemblies are highly sophisticated assemblies to satisfy the needs of our costumers. A sampling of these quality assured assemblies are:
  • Jacketed Assembly
  • Traced Assembly
  • Lined Assembly
  • Guarded Assembly
  • Ball-Joint armored hose

Jacketed Assemblies

Jacketed Assemblies are normally used in one of the following applications:
  • As a heated transfer line for those products, such as sulphur, which must be maintained at an elevated temperature in order to flow readily. Steam or hot oil is circulated through the jacket, which in turn heats the product being conveyed in the core hose
  • As a cryogenic transfer line. Maintaining a high vacuum in the jacket effectively insulates liquids being conveyed in the core hose
Traced Assemblies
Traced Assemblies are used when the product being conveyed must be heated in order to flow freely. Steam or hot oil circulated trough the inner hose heats the product in order to maintain flow rates.
Lined Assemblies
Lined Assemblies are used when high flow rate of the conveyed product could cause resonant vibration in an unlined corrugated metal hose.

Guarded Assemblies

Guarded Assemblies are used where rough handling, abrasion, or over-bending occurs 

Ball-Joint Armored Hose

Ball-Joint Armored Hose provide protection for hydraulic and industrial rubber hose subjected to severe heat, flame, shock, wear, and continuous flexing. Hose assemblies available in diameters of ¾" thru 3".